I'm Hannah Marie.
i blog what i like so if you dont like it, get off my page.
i dont own any of the pictures on here unless stated otherwise. if i do not credit you let me know.
I post what I want. And reblog what I want. Hope you all love it.
I love my country music and relaxing in my bedroom. WInona, MN.
Enjoy Yourselves, (:

Happy Holidays my beautiful Ericka

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Damon and Elena + "Hey" / "Hi"

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 » Crowley // 7x01 - Meet The New Boss

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This video is absolutely awesome, the way he switches from his normal voice to his Crowley voice, and the way it sends tingles down one’s spine. Love him!

What does Supernatual say?


Dean says pie,
Bobby says balls,
Sam says moose,
And Crowley says boys.

But there’s one sound,
That no one knows
What does the Cas say?

Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean,
Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean.

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